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IT Services

Our Managed IT Services are the foundation to a successful business relationship. At its core, we watch over the most important pieces of your network including Endpoint Protection, Patching, Backup and Asset Management.  Our solution to managed services goes beyond the typical break/fix environment of a typical service provider and is much more proactive. 

We have probes checking your network every few minutes and looking for possible danger or stability issues. This not only helps prevent issues, but also gives us a very in-depth view of your network allowing us to resolve problems quicker and more efficiently. 

Bundling in our other services such as a Helpdesk, Training, Email Security, WiFi, voice or camera management allows you to make one call to get things resolved. 

Allow our Helpdesk to support and train your staff for a more efficient business operation.  Service is a priority at JBIT and we make sure to get back to you quickly, and resolve issues in an efficient and friendly manner. 

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