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Why Choose JBIT Solutions, LLC?

01.  Communication

We communicate in a language that you understand.  Our help desk is very courteous and will always make your staff feel supported.  While we are still geeks at heart, we are a business team dedicated to providing professional business solutions. We focus on your business requirements and how we can provide solutions that make your business grow and become more profitable.

02. Experience

We have the expertise and products to get the job done in a variety of areas.  Jon Borges has been working with Small Business IT solutions for 20+ years.  We make sure that we can handle everything you need from workstation purchases and support  to complicated network design and management. This eliminates the need to go to separate vendors for your voice, data and other services. 

03. Cost Management

We keep costs down. Generally speaking, we cost significantly less than hiring onsite staff for small business networks. If you already have IT staff, we supercharge them to make them more efficient to allow more growth at lower costs. 

04. Peace of Mind

Our managed services will give you peace of mind that your data is much safer than a non-managed solution.  Our backup products can perform test restores and provide emergency standby servers in the case of a disaster. Our security services and employee training help reduce the risk of attacks and penetration of malware and hackers to your network. 

05. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Just mention the 90 guarantee to us when you sign up.  We offer a 90 day no questions asked cancellation to most of our service contracts.  So, if you don't think we are a good fit, you can say thanks but no thanks and cancel your services at 90 days with no penalties. 

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