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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


The insurance industry is heavily automated, and we have a lot of experience in many aspects of the industry.  We support local management systems from Applied and Vertafore such as TAM and EPIC. We know how to use them, back them up, configure them and help support them. We can even help you generate reports and custom forms to make your account managers use your management system to its fullest. 

Scanning, real-time, downloads, migrations and mergers are all parts of the insurance world we work with daily with our client base. 


We can even integrate specialized voice solutions for your management system.  How would you like to take a call and have the management system automatically pop the client data of the person calling in?  We can also configure automatic activities to be generated from the phone call along with attaching a recording of the phone conversation for better E&O coverage.  

Contact us today to find out how we can make your agency operate in today's competitive environment. 

Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry requires a very specific set of regulations to operate a dispensary and/or grow facility.  We have experience in working through the inspection processes to help ensure that cameras, security and data systems are reliable, redundant and configured in the correct manner.  Camera layout, register design, redundant internet, label creation, barcode scanning as well as software selection are all a part of the process. We have also helped interface fertigation and environment monitoring (Light, Temperature, Humidity, VPD, and CO2) with the network.  Missing an inspection or delays in creating your infrastructure can cause a serious financial burden; so choose a technology provider that has experience like JBIT Solutions, LLC. 

Professional Services

Lawyers, Accountants, Medical and Dental Offices as well as many other professional service industries heavily rely on their phones/computers, servers and cloud services to stay running for their clients. You don't have to spend enterprise level money to get enterprise level reliability and features.  Contact us for a free network audit to see what you are missing.

Other Industries

Some other industries that we support and have experience with are:

Food manufacturing and sales

Property Management and Assisted Living

Auto Dealerships

Marketing Firms



Gym Facilities and Athletic Centers and Equipment

Residential Service Companies (lawn care, plumbing, electrical and other services)


Machine Shops

and more..

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